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3D Printing For Cosmetics: One Startup’s Story

Harvard Business School grad Grace Choi made a lot of noise last year at New York’s TechCrunch technology conference when she announced the launch of Mink, a prototype 3D printer that prints…

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InHiro. Find your match.

  When we talk about the job market there’s a tendency to look at it from the side of the applicant. There’s good reason for that too. From a supply and demand…

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Promolta. Sing!

  Having had a number of friends and acquaintances who’ve embarked on musical careers, one of the most significant challenges they’ve relayed to me is how to gain an audience without a…

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Shapeways. Print…anything!

As a kid growing up with cartoons, and comics, Batman was always my favorite. He might not have had any real super powers, but his gadgets more than compensated for anything he…

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CoffeeStrap. Learn a language with your latte.

  If there’s one thing people, especially professionals, love and want to do more of, it’s learning languages. Knowing a language opens doors to countless personal, and professional opportunities. I can’t tell…

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