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Beautified Keeps Your Salon One Click Away

There’s no question as to whether or not apps are useful. In the modern world apps are not only useful but have become an essential part of life. Simply take a look…

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How Rise Art Changed The Art Dealing Game

Buying art is difficult. The nightmare of spending thousands of dollars on a piece and finding that it doesn’t nearly go with the look of a room is cringeworthy. Thankfully, London-based startup…

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6 Free Stock Photo Sites You Should Check Out

The early stages of running a business usually entail a lack of funds, especially for investing in non-priority fields such as imagery, and website design. Luckily, whether for the up-start entrepreneur, or…

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Pi-Top Is Taking Customization To Another Level

Articles abound regarding the growing industry of 3D Printing. Some recently released machines are even priced within the bounds of the consumer budget or, offer financing for independent startups. One such startup…

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