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GravityLight Provides a Simple Solution To a Weighty Problem

Lighting is one of the most important things in our lives. Without light the day ends as the sun goes down and both learning and work are cut off as soon as…

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Crowdfunding For Books? FicShelf’s New Idea

As is becoming ever more common across various markets, crowdfunding platforms are continuing to be on the rise. For an industry which is expected to be worth up to $100 billion by…

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Will Stikey Disrupt The Smartphone Accessory Market?

Accessories for smartphones might not be anything new, but even in a condensed field there are a few products which manage to set themselves apart. One of the primary methods for doing…

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How Tidal Vision Is Saving The Oceans

 For Craig Kasberg, the ocean isn’t just a vacation destination or a place on a postcard, it’s quite literally his life. As a 23-year-old Alaskan angler, Kasberg knows the importance of the…

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How to Run a Kick-Butt Kickstarter Campaign

Since Kickstarter launched just over five years ago, investors have pledged more than $1 billion dollars to help fund the thousands of creative projects featured on the crowdfunding platform. While these projects…

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