Zola Is Bringing Tech To The Wedding Industry


If you’ve ever been married, or are planning on getting married, you know what kind of glorious torture you’re in for. Booking the venues, scheduling the dinner parties, registering for gifts, sending out invitations and a whole host of other items on a checklist miles long is a daunting challenge for anyone. Many opt to elope, take the money, and run. Still, for those of us out there who are still willing to buckle down and stick with tradition, there is hope.


Meet Zola, a new and revolutionary startup aimed at changing the way the world does weddings. The startup, founded in New York by Shan-Lyn Ma and Nobu Nakaguchi who were early employees at Gilt Groupe, and serial tech entrepreneur Kevin Ryan. Zola emerges as a new kind of wedding registry website for modern couples that stands to disrupt the status quo in an archaic market.  The services provided combine e-commerce, modern design, innovative technology and total customizable freedom. Additionally, Zola is literally the only place where couples can register in one place for merchandise, experiences, cash and honeymoon funds plus anything from any store on the web.

Zola moves forward with modern couples in mind. With the current individual always connected, always moving and working, their services are aimed at ease, speed and peace of mind. Zola has also recently released an Apple Watch App and provides for new gift notifications, gift tracking, a shipment and delivery manager and even a wedding countdown.


As of now, Zola has been able to amass a total of $5.8 million in venture capital from 2 rounds of investing. As of now, their only investor is Thrive Capital. However, with such a generous amount of capital, Zola is poised to take the wedding industry by storm.

It is a wonder, with weddings being as popular and all consuming as they are, that something like Zola, or Zola itself has not surfaced earlier. The startup in question was only founded in 2013 and weddings have been an age-old practice for millennia. Time will tell how large the payoff will be for the services Zola is offering. One thing is for sure, there are no shortage of dream weddings and no shortage of people to be married.

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