Three Social Apps You Should Download

(Image via AllThingsD)

(Image via AllThingsD)

We never get tired of downloading new apps. It’s become a global pastime, but while we’re doing it, and potentially spending money on new applications, they might as well be worth while.

Social networking apps are the most fun, and most commonly downloaded. From Facebook, to WhatsApp, we’re constantly looking for new ways to more effectively connect with those around us. It’s for that reason we’ve picked out three that you should add to your smartphone as soon as possible.

1. Mobli


When the richest man in the world invests $60 million into your app, there’s certainly cause for optimism. The Tel Aviv based startup is looking to challenge Instagram through its video sharing platform. It’s not your typical video app either. Mobli allows its users to stream live videos to friends, creating their own real-time broadcasts which can be seen around the world.

The app has managed to achieve high reviews on both iTunes, and Google Play, and total downloads have now reached the hundreds of thousands. As mentioned on the company’s website, the firm wants to “connect the eyes of people across the globe so users can experience the world through other people’s eyes”.

2. Snowball

(Image via Droid-Life)

(Image via Droid-Life)

For those of us who love simplicity, this is about as good as it gets. Snowball is a mobile app available solely for Android devices, which will compile all the messages you receive from various social applications into its platform. That means you can simultaneously answer messages from Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and normal SMS without ever having to open any other app.

It doesn’t take much to recognize the level of convenience this adds to interactions we have with our mobile devices. It’s not short of backers either. Google Ventures has already backed the startup, which as of now has amassed $2.3 million in funding.

3. Whisper

(Image via Whisper)

(Image via Whisper)

Ever wanted to make a confession, but didn’t know where to do it? Well, now you do. Whisper is a social network which allows its users to make posts completely privately through a social cloaking device. Users can express themselves through posts (which has led to a series of “Whisper confessional” videos on YouTube), or images related to something they want to get off their chest.

Given the freedom of expression this offers its users, it’s no wonder why the California based firm has been able to generate $60 million in funding through three rounds. Some people have secrets they want to tell, others just want to anonymously express themselves. Either way, this makes it easier than ever to do.

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