Spire Looks To Change Your State Of Mind


Image via Spire

State of mind is everything. What you think, and, how you think it, is the anything and everything that you will have in this world. Your thoughts can make or break you, regardless of whether or not you are in any life changing, pivotal moments. With that in mind, the self-help and self-awareness niche is full of books, lectures, audiobooks, and other forms of media to help you “get back on track.”

Spire however, has gone a different way with it. This startup, founded out of San Francisco, CA, has produced the world’s first wearable that will track your state of mind. It works like a pedometer. You can clip it to your clothing, and throughout the day it will track not only your steps and the number of calories burned, but primarily your current mental state through your rate of breathing.

The Spire app will take the process a step further. If it picks up that you might be a bit tense, it’ll recommend a quick, two minute breathing session. You can even set the Spire app up to notify you when you haven’t taken a deep breath in ‘X’ amount of minutes, or when to recommend that you take one of said deep breaths.

According to Crunchbase, Spire launched on May 24, 2013. The startup has been able to build a total of $220,000 in investment capital over a three rounds of investing. Though modest in comparison to other startups featured on the site, Spire may have some of the greatest potential to do the most good.


Image via Spire

Health technology is the next big thing. Being healthy makes you feel better. Being healthy makes you think and perform better. Major fast food franchises are now offering organic food to be consumed right at their restaurant locations. In addition, being healthy helps a person save money. Fewer doctor visits, fewer prescription medications, and, fewer health problems will ensure you are paying less and less into the medical industry and saving more for your own future.

In that regard, a grand portion of good health is a good mental state and healthy breathing. Spire stands to enhance an individual’s capability to keep both under control. That at least, in the realm of startups, is truly a breath of fresh air.

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