Podo Shoots To Kill The Selfie Stick

(Image via Toovia)

(Image via Toovia)

2015 so far has been the year of the selfie stick. They came seemingly out of no where and now everyone either has one or hates them.

Podo is capitalizing on this new found hate with a product it claims will kill the selfie stick.

Podo is compact camera with an adhesive back that connects to your phone via bluetooth, allowing everyone to get into the shot. The 8 megapixel camera attaches to any surface through what the company calls micro-suction. “It has physical features that actually grip to the wall” Co-Founder Eddie Lee noted in an interview with TechCrunch, “so when it gets dirty you can actually wash it with water and use it again”. No swapping out of adhesible surfaces required.

“The cool thing about this versus a suction cup is that it’ll work on places a suction cup wouldn’t,” Lee added. Podo’s demos show it adhering easily to concrete, wood, metal, and glass.

Once set up, Podo is controlled through Bluetooth on the user’s device. Podo’s mobile application gives users full control of the picture, providing a timer feature and flash toggle, without being anywhere near the Podo. Video and timelapse are also primary features on the Podo, their page also notes the ability to create GIFs directly within the app  . Right after the snap the app then allows users to directly share their photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.

“This is supposed to be fun, spontaneous,” Lee noted, “just in the moment photography”.

A huge drawback for Podo right off the bat is its mobile application. Users have already noted latency issues in sending images from the device to the phone; a user has to wait for the photo to sync back with the app before the next photo can be set up. The preview resolution on the app is also extremely low. “It’s a little low-res,” Lee notes in a demo session, “but the point is to make sure you have your good side”.

Podo is currently raising their first round of funding via Kickstarter. With 40 days left in the campaign and over 1,500 backers, the company has almost quadrupled its initial goal of $50,000, resting at $199,000 at press time.

The idea for Podo sparked in May of 2013. Less than a year later, the company joined Highway 1, an incubator and accelerator based out of San Francisco focusing on prototyping products. After the completion of their Kickstarter, the company plans on running a full round of production in July of this year.

The big trick for the venture will be branding. The selfie stick is already a household name and almost anyone instantly understands what you’re talking about. Yet no single brand has come to claim monopoly over the selfie stick, giving Podo a leg up in creating its own space.

Podo’s Kickstarter pre-release cameras will ship in August of 2015, hitting stores sometime after. The company plans to retail the product at $99.

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