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We all have challenges in life. No matter how big or small, there’s always a guarantee that at some point we’ll face hardships, and have to overcome them.

Some of us though are more unfortunate than others, at least in that regard. People living with a life threatening disease, or major physical, and mental disabilities who through it all though find a way to keep pushing on. Theirs are stories that should be heard, and one startup is looking to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

The Mighty, is a digital publishing platform out of Los Angeles vying to make that task easier than ever to achieve.

The Basics

The company was founded by CEO Mike Porath, an experienced digital media executive who has contributed to some of the world’s most prominent news organizations. Mike
explains his own reasons for coming up with the idea in a blog post on the company website.

The Mighty works to provide a user friendly channel for individuals facing disease, and disability, and their loved ones to publish, share, and distribute stories related to motivational, heartwarming events in the said individual’s life.

Once a story, image, or video is posted, the site makes it easy to share on a variety of social media platforms, promoting awareness, along with emotional support for countless others who might find themselves in similar situations.

In Terms of Outreach

Overall, and in the short time the site has been active, it’s managed to appeal to a broad, and quickly growing user base.

The site’s first 350 stories have been read a total 2 million times, and it has a growing readership on Facebook, along with Twitter.

Given the challenges faced by so many around us, and the inspiration we can find in their commitment to living life to the fullest, this seems to be a concept with the potential to go viral.

Going Forward

For so long, disease and especially disability have been aspects of human live shut out from the public eye. It’s understandable to a point, and different people will find different ways to cope and manage the challenges they, and their loved ones face. But as a society it’s encouraging to see that there are now more than ever effective outlets for people to share their stories.

The model the company is based on is part of a growing trend, fueled by social media, that lets people who might once have been invisible members of society have their voices heard. It’s something bound to grow, and as it does so will awareness about the diseases, and disabilities people all around us are facing on a daily basis.

At some point, issues like these will touch all of us personally, and The Mighty is a great way for us to gain support from individuals around the world, establish lasting connections, and truly understand that as difficult as a situation might seem, there will always be moments worth cherishing.


  1. Thanks for the nice post about our company, The Mighty. Can you just make a small correction? The CEO’s name in Mike Porath, not David Porath. Thanks!


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