Five Startup Safary Events You Can’t Miss


When it comes to Berlin’s top business summits, Startup Safary can’t be left off the list. We’ve covered the three day convention before, and in anticipation of the current installment in the German capital, running from the 6th to the 8th of May, we’ve put together a list of the top five ‘can’t miss’ events.

1. Uber: How Uber Does Marketing and Communications

Few startups have been able to champion community building, effective marketing, and crisis management as well as Uber (don’t forget, we’ve analyzed that as well). The company’s Berlin based marketing and communications associate, Julana Chondrasch will discuss the firm’s methods in targeting customers, and working with them to promote the brand name. When aspiring startups call themselves “the Uber of…” then it’s fair to say that the input here will be valuable.

2. heyyo: Going Viral, It Doesn’t Just Happen

Touching on a subject critical to early stage startups looking to gain traction in the market, CEO Oisin Zimmermann, and Head of Strategy Alyssa Rivera from group video call app ‘heyyo‘ will discuss some of the challenges involved in going viral with a product, effective marketing techniques, and strategy for hitting your goals. They’ll also be showcasing their app.

3. Point Nine Capital: Anatomy Of An Early Stage VC 

If you’ve ever been curious about the inner workings of venture capital firms, then this seminar is for you. Rodrigo Martinez, Early Stage Technology Investor at Point Nine Capital will elaborate on his, and his company’s experience as an early stage funding partner. For founders looking to learn how to position their own startup in order to make it more attractive to VC’s, this presentation is even more valuable.

4. Hytch: Becoming a Black Swan – How To Apply For a Startup

One of the job seekers out there, along with those considering a career switch to a startup. Hytch co-founder Christoph Speckmann will go into why 99% of CV’s look alike, and what prospective candidates can do to set themselves apart from the pack. Guests are also encouraged to bring their own resumes, and can ask questions beforehand on Twitter.

5. Zalando’s Secret Sauce: Becoming Europe’s Leading Online Fashion Platform

Making it big as a startup is the holy grail of new business. Getting to that point can be tough, but if anyone can share their story than it’s the staff at online shoe selling boomer, Zalando. VP of Brand Solutions Christoph Lange, and Strategic Growth Manger Benjamin Worner will share their experiences from the company’s rise on the top, and what it takes to go from zero to over $1 billion in sales.

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