Beautified Keeps Your Salon One Click Away


There’s no question as to whether or not apps are useful. In the modern world apps are not only useful but have become an essential part of life. Simply take a look at any mobile marketplace and you’ll find thousands of apps that are able to save you time, track your fitness goals, and even help you plan for your retirement. Not to mention the numerous apps designed around entertainment and social media. With smart phones becoming the norm it was only a matter of time until the app industry evolved to the point of pinpoint specifics.

Take a look a Beautified. This apps sole focus is to allow a person to book beauty and fitness appointments in their area. Additionally, the startup has taken their service a step further. The app itself will also develop what essentially amounts to a professional network allowing the user to choose the salon tailored to fit their needs. As the website proudly states “Here’s to the busy mom, the new to town wedding goer, the world traveler or just the plain old appointment procrastinator.” Such a service is sure to see success in the current app world.

Beautified launched in 2013 out of startup hotspot New York City, New York. Their investment partners include venture capital firms NEA and Manzanita Capital as well as the individuals Carmen Busquets and Mike Katz. The latter of which are well known for their luxury and consumer based investments. Beautified is no different and combines elements of both. According to Crunchbase, the startup closed its Round 1 seed investment cycle on August 23 of 2014 for an undisclosed amount.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.22.10 AM

Investments aside, Beautified is in a grand position to cull success from one of the most luxurious and elite cities of the world. Though still only available in their founding city, Beautified has already stated they plan on expanding into other metropolitan areas. This, of course, depends on the apps immediate success. With Beautified currently only available for the iOS the app is only available to a small portion of the market. However, the startup has said that they are currently developing an app available for Android and that it should be available very soon.

With such a specific app, aimed at such a small niche, I’m curious to see what else the app market will conjure up. It isn’t hard to see life’s major functions such as banking, health, and, business having a spot in the app ecology. However, there are so many things in life a person might take for granted. Scheduling last minute appointments at a beauty salon is certainly something I never would have thought of. With that I’m left to wonder what is currently not crossing the scope of my mind that should be. One thing is for sure, it’s an exciting time in app development.

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