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When we talk about the job market there’s a tendency to look at it from the side of the applicant. There’s good reason for that too. From a supply and demand perspective there’s an ever-growing labor pool for a select number of available positions, and the competition for a place at a top company can be fierce. With that being said though, what about the employer?

Given the number of potential candidates for every vacancy, selecting the right applicant can be a daunting task for any HR manager. That’s where InHiro comes in. The startup out of Slovakia, led by CEO Andrej Steiner has been making a name for itself in the employment field, including a ‘Finalist’ position at the 2013 European Venture Summit, and the opportunity to assist companies such as Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Intersport with their hiring process.

How it works

The process is simple. For a small fee InHiro will provide employers access to its online platform. They can then create job listings, choosing from either ready made layouts or one of their own. Once that’s done, they’ll be able to publish the ad through InHiro on any one of the company’s existing web outlets, including social media channels. If the employer is a newly created startup, without an established contact base, InHiro will assist with the distribution as well.

At that point, the site offers the ability to track the ad’s progress through a series of web analytics options. Furthermore, employers are provided a ‘Social X-Ray’ feature which will scan incoming applications in order to better match candidates who have relevant experience.

Finally, InHiro stores its data on a cloud system, meaning it’s easily accessible for customers. They also offer a free trial option for companies who might want to test the waters before investing long term.

The Future

It’s easy to see where InHiro fits into the market. At a time when employers receive dozens of applications for every job they post (which in many parts of Europe is even higher due to rampant youth unemployment), having an efficient mechanism to distribute, collect, and sort such data is a necessity now more than ever.

Being able to effectively consolidate such information eases the employment process, and as such I can see InHiro becoming an effective tool for businesses looking to add to their workforce.

The company’s main challenge for the moment will be further developing its client base. Employers already using established platforms to select candidates might be tentative to move, but winning consumer trust is a normal part of growing a business, and there’s no reason to believe InHiro shouldn’t be able to do so over time.

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