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In a day and age where the road to your next job runs through a Google search the HR associate at the firm you’re looking to work for is bound to perform, it’s more important than ever to make sure your online profile is solid.

Of course, we all have parts of our past we’d like to hide, or at least not be so easy to find online. There are also pages related to us that we’d like to be prominently placed in comparison to others.

If you fit into this category of individual (as I would assume most of us do) a startup called BrandYourself is here to make it possible.


Who Are They?

Created in 2010, and based out of New York, BrandYourself is led by Co-Founder and CEO Patrick Ambron.

The company is looking to utilize SEO, and brand marketing directed towards individuals, and from the looks of it they have plenty of believers. According to Crunchbase the firm has picked up a total of $4.8 million in funding, including a major investment of $3.3 million as recently as this past June.

Accolades from the press are coming along nicely as well. They were recently listed as one of Entrepreneur’s Top 30 Startups to Watch.


What Is It?

BrandYourself offers three different support levels to its users. The basic service consists of an individual providing a list of links they want to appear at the top of any web search someone might conduct about them. At that point they can keep track of analytics regarding steps that can be taken to boost the prominence of specific results, and the site will also inform the customer when their rating has changed.

On top of that, users will also be informed how many desired, and undesired (positive and negative) results appear in the first page of a search for them, summarized through what they term a “search score”. Users are also provided the ability to see who has searched their profile on the BrandYourself website.

Besides the aforementioned features, the company also offers an array of other, more personalized services at an increased price. These include personal branding consultation, the creation of custom websites dedicated to the customer, all the way to the ‘concierge service’ which is essentially the firm running SEO, and profile creation operations on the user’s behalf.

It isn’t a one off service either. Depending on the arrangement, the company is willing to manage search results, and created pages on a monthly fee basis.


The Verdict

Is it necessary? Of course. The ability for an individual to control the search results one might receive when looking them up affords that person not only peace of mind, but a sizable competitive advantage over their peers, especially when a job could be on the line.

BrandYourself is a much welcomed innovation to both young, and more experienced professionals looking to strengthen their web presence, and the value of such a tool can’t be understated.

If there’s anything going against them, its the fact that SEO services are easy to come by. The field has become a modern science, but the customization potential, along with the range of services being offered in addition to the basic result alternation function sets the company in  favorable position going forward.



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