The British Council’s Innovation Lab Is Here

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Spring is here. That means there’s no better time to get to work in realizing your entrepreneurial ambitions.

The British Council, partnered with Latimer Group, have set the bar for European startup events and are seeking recent graduates to take part in their Innovation Lab.

What Is It?

The program spans across six major European cities (London, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw, Madrid, and Bucharest) and is looking to bring together some of the continent’s most creative young professionals.

It’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, and some of the most prominent figures from around the global startup scene.

The goal is to select 18 of the top young graduates in the E.U. to work together in creating and developing numerous concepts for services which will be tested in a real-life market driven environment, which will ultimately be presented at the Innovation Lab Summit this June.

Who Can Apply?

The application process is broken down into three categories.

Creative Technologists: Providing advice on product creation

Digital Creatives: Working on customer usability and aesthetics

Online Influencers: Managing product reach

If you feel that any one of the descriptions above fits your profile, then send your CV along with a few sentences explaining why you’re ideal for the program to Of course, like any event of this nature, spaces are limited, and time is ticking fast, so make sure to express your interest as soon as possible.

Why Should You Do It?

Because it’s a great way to expand your professional background, meet other entrepreneurial individuals, and expand your business network across Europe. You’ll also be working in some of the continent’s leading tech hubs, co-working spaces, and incubators.

Life as a graduate has its challenges, and effectively branching out is more important than ever. The British Council’s Innovation Lab is a perfect way to spend your spring contributing to an initiative with potentially long-lasting benefits.

For more information, don’t forget to check out the Latimer Group’s page dedicated to the program: HERE

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