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5 Startups That Let You Play Millionaire

Cars, yachts, and clothes; everyone wants the millionaire lifestyle. But if you’re still out there balling on a budget, an emerging field of luxury startups are helping the wannabe millionaire play one…

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3 “Wicked Smaht” Boston Education Startups

Boston is home to some of the smartest students in the world. But now the home of the revolution is becoming the home of some of the hottest new startups in the…

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4 Cues To Pick Up From Meerkat

Meerkat is having the startup’s dream right now. The 3 week old video streaming app has already amassed a user base of 150,000 users and seemingly unlimited press coverage since its launch.…

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4 Startups Delivering Awesome To Your Door

Everyone loves getting a brown box on their doorstep. Hundreds of startups are now capitalizing on this, bringing excitement to the front door everyday. A new wave of delivery-centered ventures has been…

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6 Lessons Learned from Serial Entrepreneur Wayne Chang

As a founding member of Dropbox, Crashlytics, and now executive at Twitter, Wayne Chang has seen every aspect of a startup. He started his first company in his dorm room, pitched Dropbox…

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Nextdoor Reaches a $1.1 Billion Valuation

According to a recent study, 33% of American homeowners simply can’t stand the people they live next to. For the rest of us there’s Nextdoor. The 5 year old local social network…

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5 Surprisingly Great Companies To Intern For

Time to brush up on those resumes, kids, Glassdoor just released their list of the top companies to intern for in 2015. The star-studded list included the classic companies known for their…

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Reserve Is Aiming To Be The ‘Uber For Restaurants’

Everyone loves eating out but the hassle of getting a table at some of the city’s hottest spots can be enough to have you shuffling through your take out menus. Reserve, which…

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